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Making the impossible, Possible. Aitheras offers a reliable, consistent and safe operation with 99.9% success rate.

We know how difficult it is to rely on an air operator to transport the most precious item that is not only costly but provides life: An organ

There are thousands of air operators out there promising consistency and punctuality but the reality is that they are underestimating the complexity of an organ transport  mission.


Losing a $1M-$2M opportunity to give life to others is not something you can just leave to luck to decide. Our over 23 years of experience have leveraged us to become the most reliable, consistent and safe air operator to trust to transport your most valuable asset: the organ. 


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Aitheras Aviation Group is currently serving the region East of the Mississippi. We are one of the few FAR Part 135 operators to have more than 5 jets exclusively dedicated to Organ Transport. 


We take life seriously and we know we can help!

> 10.8K lives saved

We keep the heart beating...

Whether you are an OPO, a Transplant Center, a Logistics company, or a Broker, we have you covered. We arrange all flight logistics and can be wheels up in as little as 90 minutes of confirmation.  

Our professional, efficient and highly trained dispatch team and pilots have many years of experience working in an environment in which time and safety are the most critical drivers of success.


We have a 99.9% success rate and we know that communication, reliability and availability are the most important pieces of the equation every player in the industry needs to solve. 


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Aitheras Aviation Group

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2301 N. Marginal Rd.

Cleveland OH 44114

Tel: +1 (216) 452-9141

Fax: +1 (216) 298-9068

240 S.W. 34th st

Fort Lauderdale FL 33315

Tel: +1 (954) 533-1585

Fax: +1 (954) 543-3242

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