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About Us



The Greek word meaning “Pure Air” 

Aitheras Aviation Group was founded in Cleveland in 2005 by George Katsikas who left a successful career at a large on-demand charter company because he had a vision for a new breed of on-demand aircraft operator…one completely focused on the client’s needs…whether that client is a critically ill patient being rushed to a premier medical institution for a life-saving procedure, a business executive who needs to arrive in time to close a major deal, or a company facing the challenges of purchasing or maintaining a private aircraft.

The company started with a single aircraft but has experienced tremendous growth thanks to its ability to meet a higher standard for safety, quality and performance.  Today Aitheras operates a fleet of modern aircraft coupled with highly skilled personnel to transport medical and charter clients around the globe.  Our call center and crews are available 24/7 to dispatch immediately available aircraft.  True to our name, everything we do ensures that your Aitheras experience is second to none in the industry.

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…For us, it’s all about the experience of the journey and...


...“Doing Good, While Doing Well”

Aitheras Aviation Group, is the one and only U.S. medevac provider to have achieved the FAA’s highest level in Safety Management System (SMS) authorization.  We received our “Active Conformance” approval in 2018.  


This distinction was the result of transparent, uncompromising and immense hard work.  Working hand-in-hand and in synergistic collaboration with the FAA’s national SMS division out of Washington, D.C.  


This endeavor spanned the course of over a decade.  We never relented and we stayed true to our mission and our goal of “Safety First”.

Aitheras Aviation Group's affiliate Acute Air Ambulance has also achieved the NAAMTA accreditation and Florida Health certification.

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Florida Health Department
Flight Crew

You are in good hands

Learn about our professional pilots and flight crew that will take care of you along your journey with us...

Every pilot is ATP rated and has received training at the most prestigious flight training institution "Flight Safty International"

Sovereign from Below

Airplanes are not quite everything

We tend to assume that aircraft is what is important... Although the aircraft may be important, who commands it is more consequential, as are the personnel that maintains it. Read more about how we have you covered...

Our Team

The whole team behind the scenes

It takes a special type of person to join the Aitheras team.  Of course, it requires the necessary experience to do the job.  But more importantly, it takes the type of conviction and commitment to live up to the Aitheras reputation for safety

quality and performance


The relentless desire to aim ever higher, the compassion to venture ever further, and the ambition to reach for the majestic wonders of the “pure air” of the skies beyond. 

What does it take to be part of Aitheras?  


Every employee has a role in creating the unparalleled Aitheras experience.   We are not like other carriers.   And we rely on our people to make that difference every day by living the vision of a company that is totally focused on the client’s needs. 

Professional. Attentive. Caring.  That is one side of our Aitheras team.

However, we also recognize that the stakes are exceptionally high in our business.  Lives depend on the decisions we make and the protocols we follow.   That’s why we only hire professionals with good decision-making skills who are also diligent, consistent and level-headed.

From our detail-oriented logistics and dispatch team to our highly trained maintenance crew that works  ‘round-the-clock to help keep our aircraft safe and secure to our professional and compassionate flight crews, you’ll find that the true Aitheras difference is our people.


The best way to find yourself, is to lose yourself in the service of others

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