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Aitheras Group Picture Panorama

Our Team


Each member of our team is highly qualified and passionate about what they do

Aitheras Aviation Group, is more than a professional group of pilots and healthcare professionals, it is a multidisciplinary team that is part of a horizontal, customer-driven organization that understands that we are just a part of the chain that will get our customers closer to his/her destination.

Our organization is formed by distinctive passionate professionals in each of the following areas:

  • Finance

  • Accountants

  • Schedulers

  • Pilots

  • Flight Dispatchers

  • Physicians

  • Paramedics

  • Physician Assistants

  • Respiratory Therapists

  • Nurses

  • Marketeers

  • Procurement

  • Managers

  • Maintenance Personnel

  • Aircraft Maintenance

Our management team:



Founder / Owner / CEO

Over the years, he has served in a variety of roles, including flight instructor, aviation consultant, chief pilot, director of operations, executive vice president of business development and CEO of a multi-million-dollar, full-service aircraft management corporation. 


He left all of that behind to start Aitheras Aviation Group in 2005.  In his current position as president and CEO of Aitheras, George has the ability to craft a culture that matches his vision of meeting the highest industry standards for safetyquality and 

performance and creating the Aitheras experience



CMO - Chief Marketing Officer

Ricardo grew up in a family of pilots in Venezuela. He became a pilot when he was 18 flying a Cessna 206. He flew for passion while helping indigenous people in the Amazon Jungle by flying medical teams and medicines to their remote and isolated communities. Ricardo studied Civil Engineering at Universidad Metropolitana in Venezuela and years later an MBA at the University of Sydney, Australia. His entrepreneurial background leads him to take the CMO position at Aitheras aiming to expand the company's presence into other regions of the world.



CAO - Chief Administrative Officer

Mary Anne is an Accounting Manager at Aitheras.  She joined the company 8 years ago. Mary Anne brings her 30 years of accounting experiences as well as the challenges of owning and running a successful small business for 20 years. Her focus at Aitheras is accounts receivable, accounts payable, critical care transport claims, payroll and human resources. 



Director of Maintenance

Richard brings 30 years of aviation maintenance experience to the Director of Maintenance position at Aitheras



Chief Pilot

Wolman was born in Caracas, Venezuela and raised in Colombia. After moving to the United States in October 1997, he went on to pursue an Associate in Computer Science, followed by a Bachelor in Business Administration.


For as long as he remembers flying has always been a passion. It wasn’t until he was 32 years of age that he decided to pursue his dream of becoming a pilot. Wolman was trained in Tampa, FL, where he became a flight instructor and received all his current ratings.


He previously worked for Mesa Airlines and had an amazing experience but decided was that medical was his true calling. Wolman is extremely proud to have a vital role in saving lives while being able to pursue his passion of flying airplanes.



Director of Safety

Clyde Cruse is the Director of Safety at Aitheras Aviation. Clyde has a background in the Air EMS industry which involved flying Lear Jets both internationally and domestically. This experience helps to provide insight into any of the safety issues that are mitigated for the company. As the Director of Safety, Clyde is responsible for ensuring that safety policies, processes, and regulations are followed.  He serves as the primary point of contact with the FAA for the agency’s Safety Management System Voluntary Program (SMSVP). 

Tim DIxon AAG Photo.jpg


CFO - Chief Finance Officer

Tim joined Aitheras Aviation Group as Chief Financial Officer in July 2019, bringing to Aitheras the skillset he developed during an extensive career within the financial services industry. His functional experience includes financial management, strategic planning & implementation, project management, merger integration, sales management, business development, and executive leadership. 


Tim has an avid interest in aviation, having learned to fly at age sixteen and he has been an FAA Certified Flight Instructor for over 35 years. Tim is a native Clevelander and he and his spouse have two grown children



CIO - Chief Innovation Officer

Scott brings over 30 years of business management experience to Aitheras Aviation Group with a proven track record of innovation, problem solving, employee wellness, and being growth and client centered.   


His focus is on creating an organizational culture that fosters innovation, identifying opportunities for improving operational efficiency and investing time and effort in all functions of the company. 


He contributes to designing resource allocation processes to allow potentially disruptive innovations to move forward.  His passion is seeing colleagues and clients succeed and grow in life and in business.  



Vice-President of Aircraft Maintenance

Jim brings over 30 years of corporate aviation maintenance experience and financial analysis to his role of Vice President of Aircraft Maintenance, both as a Crew Chief and as a  Director of Maintenance with several flight departments operating a wide range of turboprop and medium and large cabin jets, to over a decade working and developing financial event forecasting and cost analysis for airframe and engine maintenance, as a means to better understand a plan for present and future maintenance costs.


His goals are to bring growth to Aitheras Aviation’s diverse niche’ offerings in charter and medical transportation, while increasing the size of the fleet.



Assistant Director of Medical Operations

Has been with Acute since its inception and has great appreciation for Emergency Medical Services. With over 10 years of training and education in fixed wing medical transports, Courtney dedicates her time to making sure that our team handles your transport to fit all of your specific needs.  

Jessica Miller.jpg



Jess is a native of the Cleveland area. She holds degrees in Marketing as well as Accounting. Jess has been with Aitheras Aviation Group for 8 years. She has navigated the following postions, Director of Scheduling for 5 years and then transferring to the accounting department. 

As Controller, Jess regulates the financial pulse of Aitheras.  She oversees all accounting functions including A/P, A/R, P/R, and the general ledger.  Jess supervises all accounting personnel and is responsible for directing funds for daily operations.

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