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Frequently Asked Questions


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Does the company have a Medical Director?
Is the company licensed in their state as an air ambulance?
Does the company have liability and malpractice insurance?
Does the company staff each flight with appropriate medical staff?
Is the Medical Director involved with each flight?
Does Acute Air Ambulance provide international evacuation service?
What is "bedside to bedside" service and why is it important?
May a family member come with the patient?
What arrangements does Acute Air Ambulance make for the flight?
Can you call me with updates throughout the course of the trip?
What am I required to do to prepare for the trip?
How far in advance do I need to schedule the trip?
What type of medical equipment and medications are on board?

Aitheras Aviation Group is the parent company of Acute Air Ambulance, LLC, an authorized Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) utilizing the services of its parent company Aitheras Aviation Group, a licensed Part 135 air carrier, to meet your air ambulance transportation needs. 

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