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Throughout your journey

Aitheras Aviation Group is committed to providing each customer with an exceptional level of professionalism and attention. Our dedicated staff works together as a team to provide high-quality and first-class services regardless of the purpose of the trip. 

We were founded with the vision of creating an aviation company that treats every customer with dignity and uncompromised first-class service. The entire flight crew and support staff at Aitheras Aviation Group are highly trained and exceptionally friendly.

All of the pilots at AAG are ATP certified and flight trained at Flight Safety International (FSI).  FSI is regarded as the premier flight-training authority in the U.S.  Additionally, all flight crew, both Pilot-in-Command and Second-in-Command, train to Captain standards.   This requires more time and expense, but assures the highest standards of our professional flight crew.

Pilot Cabin

The most important piece of safety equipment in the cockpit is a well-trained flight crew