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Acute Air Ambulance is Available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Acute Air Ambulance offers air ambulance services for those who are injured or sick while away from home, or if one should require emergency or non-emergency air transportation to a specialized hospital facility.

For more information about our Air Ambulance Services, contact us at 954-533-1585 or email us at



  • Lima, Peru

Identifier: SPJC/LIM
Open: 24HRS

Other airports in Peru we fly to:
⦁ Arequipa, Peru; Arequipa/Alfredo Rodriguez Ballon Airport
⦁ Chiclayo, Peru, Chiclayo/Capt Jose A Q Gonzalez Airport
⦁ Iquitos, Peru; Iquitos/Col Fap Francisco Secada Vignetta Airport
⦁ Lima, Peru; Lima/Jorge Chavez Intl Airport
⦁ Pisco, Peru; Pisco International Airport
⦁ Piura, Peru; Piura/Capitan Guillermo Concha Iberico

Aitheras Aviation Group is the parent company of Acute Air Ambulance, LLC, an authorized Indirect Air Carrier (IAC) utilizing the services of its parent company Aitheras Aviation Group, a licensed Part 135 air carrier, to meet your air ambulance transportation needs. 

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