Aircraft Charter Services


No matter where you need to go or how quickly you need to leave, Aitheras is your preferred air charter services provider.  With nearly two dozen pilots and a fleet of modern aircraft at our disposal, we lead the industry in responsiveness.  All operations, including dispatch, function 24/7, thus enabling us to handle even last-minute flight requests.

Aircraft Charter Services


Safety Above All Else

But of course the need for speed is always pre-empted by the need to be safe.  Aitheras has an unsurpassed reputation for safety in the industry.  It’s a part of our culture.  We’ve set higher standards for safety with ongoing safety training programs that are mandated for all personnel.  Since we utilize our own in-house maintenance department, our aircraft are always maintained to a level that exceeds governmental standards.  This is one reason that Aitheras has been honored to receive so many maintenance awards from such credible organizations as the FAA, NATA and NBAA. And it’s why Aitheras is one of only a few fixed-wing operators helping the FAA set new standards for safety in the industry through its Safety Management System (SMS) program.

Global Reach

Near or far, Aitheras can get you to your destination quickly and safely.   Thanks to achieving FAA International Authority, we are certified to fly nearly anywhere in the world with aircraft that were chosen specifically for their versatility to get into even the smallest airports with the shortest runways.

Aircraft  Fleet

We have a number of different aircraft and configurations to handle groups of all sizes with various needs, including:


World-Class Service

Beyond such efficiencies, Aitheras offers uncompromising service.  We recognize that it’s not just about transporting our clients from point A to point B.  It’s about the overall Aitheras experience.   And that means an unmatched attention for everything from arranging for ground transportation to identifying what our clients want to eat and drink and even read during flight.

We take pride in doing all the little things right to make our clients feel completely at ease. That includes providing timely updates while onboard.  It makes for a much less stressful flight if there are no surprises. So our pilots take the time to discuss the details of the flight and make everyone comfortable with the overall flying experience.

Around the clock, 365 days a year, in even the most remote regions of the world, you’ll find Aitheras is there.