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George Katsikas

President and CEO

Our People

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"My vision of what I thought a service-oriented company should be was different than what I had experienced working for other aircraft operators.  That's why I started Aitheras, a new breed of company completely focused on the client's needs.
  I specifically chose the name "Aitheras" which refers to the upper place of the atmosphere to reflect our vision of a company that sets its standards higher than the norm."

George knew he wanted to fly airplanes ever since age three. In fact, there has never been anything he wanted to do more than to be a pilot.  At the age of 16 when most boys his age were focused on getting their driver’s licenses, George was qualifying for his pilot’s license.  He has not stopped flying ever since and, to date, has logged more than 26,000 flight hours.

Over the years, he has served in a variety of roles, including flight instructor, aviation consultant, chief pilot, director of operations, executive vice president of business development and CEO of a multi-million-dollar, full-service aircraft management corporation.  He left all of that behind to start Aitheras Aviation Group in 2005.  In his current position as president and CEO of Aitheras, George has the ability to craft a culture that matches his vision of meeting the highest industry standards for safety, quality and performance and creating the Aitheras experience.

George is specifically focused on building a company with a legacy centered on its niche in the air medical industry.  The company mission of  “doing well while being able to do good” prevails throughout every Aitheras operation and is understood by everyone in the company as a key component in the Aitheras corporate culture.

Thanks to his strong reputation for integrity and professionalism, George has successfully built a strong network of relationships over the years with some of the world’s most prominent medical institutions, as well as leaders in local, state and federal governments.   He is respected in the field by his peers not only for his aviation knowledge, but also for his business savvy and ability to identify unmet needs in the market and match them with an unparalleled service delivery model.

George holds a proficiency in linguistics degree with masters of arts course work in Iberian literature and a bachelor of science in aviation technology from Purdue University. 

Professional Certifications 

FAA: Airline Transport Pilot, certified flight instructor for commercial single and multi-engine aircraft with type ratings in:

  • CE 680
  • HS-125 Series
  • CE 500 Series
  • CE 525S Series
  • Eclipse EA500
  • Boeing 727-200 Flight Engineer

Around the clock, 365 days a year, in even the most remote regions of the world, you’ll find Aitheras is there.